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5 Reasons why your partner does not want to have sex with you

If your partner is behaving distantly it could be due to the following reasons. When your partner becomes distant and stops wanting to have sex with you it is a clear signal that something wrong is happening and you should not ignore it. Intimacy is very important for two people to stay together physically and […]

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Things that help to regain the trust of your partner

Whether for a serious reason or a sequence of small acts, you can lose trust in the couple and recovering it is a task that requires effort. “Mistrust is one of the main problems for which couples therapy is used, since it is one of the most common after bad or no communication, and, in […]

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Attitudes that help you maintain the ‘magic’ in your relationship

The ‘magic’ is that feeling that makes you feel emotions when you are in a relationship, that when you see your boyfriend you feel that he is the best person in the world for you and that with him you want to plan things into the future. In fact, that feeling is an important part […]

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