Attitudes of men that destroy women

An investigation conducted by the University of Utah, in the United States, interviewed hundreds of couples who lived together, on average, 20 years, to analyze the quality of marriages.

The study revealed that women are more likely to feel the effects of a relationship that does not work.

According to the psychologist responsible for the research, Nancy Henry, women are even more likely to develop physiological symptoms, increasing the risk of heart attack, stroke, and diabetes.

If you are a man who loves his wife, carefully check the next tips. If you are a wife, show this entry to your partner and talk to him about it.

Here are the 5 masculine behaviors capable of destroying a wife:

Attitudes of men that destroy women

1- Believing that only she lives in the house.

Since ancient times, women have the responsibility to take care of domestic tasks.

That does not mean, however, that everything depends on her or that the wife has to clean, iron, cook, etc.

2 – Blaming her for the mistakes of children.

It is common to see men attributing the misconduct of their children exclusively to the wife.

In his blog, the writer and lecturer Renato Cardoso disagrees with that attitude: “The father and the mother must act together to determine certain limits and rules to their children, focused on their good.”

3- Making her invisible.

Although the Invisible Woman is a comic book creation, many men struggle not to see their comrades.

The husbands seem to believe that dinner prepared by itself, the house is magically cleaned and that the children bathed of their own volition.

“How was your day?” then, is the phrase eliminated from marriage.

4- Forgetting the couple.

Suddenly everything in the life of the couple is about the bills, the house, the school, the supermarket … And the couple has been forgotten.

Romance is set aside and, often, it is replaced by stress and shouting.

Do not do that. Neither claim the lack of time to be next to your partner.

Plan, set aside time for a walk or even to watch a movie at home.

Surprise her and always keep in mind that, as important as the house is the couple.