Attitudes that we should never tolerate in a relationship

No matter how much you love the other person you do not have to endure bad treatment, hurtful behavior or disrespect

A relationship not only brings us company but also helps us to be better people, to live happier and to know that we have a person next to us who will give us support in difficult times.

While being a couple is a task that needs work and dedication on both sides, it does not have to become a burden. Both of you can have somewhat complicated attitudes, but respect must always be fundamental between the two.

If your partner usually behaves in this way, it is time to step aside to avoid future broken hearts and suffering.

Attitudes that we should never tolerate in a relationship

1. That they lie to you constantly.

The basis of a relationship is trust and without it, rest assured that it will not get very far.

Lying even for little things shows that he is not ready to open up completely to you and be honest.

If it is your case, it is a sign that, however much you want it, you are not prepared to have a mature relationship.

2. Do not let him raise his voice.

No matter what motive he has to scream, you must not tolerate those outbursts of anger.

If you are arguing, do it in private. But if he starts raising his voice for no important reason, it is better that he learn to control himself before you end up leaving him behind.

3. That he only wants to fight.

The best thing about a relationship is that, in a way, it helps you relax and you have a person to support you.

But if instead, you get more complications on his part, you’ll end up getting sick and not enjoying his company.

Why continue with something that will eventually hurt you?

4. Infidelity.

It does not matter how many apologies he asks you, how much he swears that he made a mistake or how much he tells you that he loves you.

Once he takes his feet off the plate, he will not see the relationship in the same way again.

So, instead of living all the time worrying and distrusting him, look for a man who sees in you everything he needs to be happy and does not look elsewhere.

5. That he disrespects you.

No one has the right to treat you badly, much less if he says he loves you.

And we not only refer to violent behaviors but also to attitudes such as flirting with other women, disrespecting you in front of your friends, using you or not giving you the place you deserve as his partner.

6. That does not communicate.

The fact of being aware of you does not mean that he should be jealous of you or take away your personal space, it is simply a way to show that he really cares about you.

Men who do not care whether to call or not and to spend days without communicating seems normal to them, they are the ones you should escape from.

7. That is not committed.

You do not want someone who sees you as a passing relationship but wants something real with you.

If he does not see a future by your side, he is not interested in meeting your friends or family members or has planned to be in the “dating market” for longer, it is better to let him go because he will not give you what you want.

8. That is a male chauvinist.

If his answer to the question ‘How do you see me in a few years?’ Implies that you are in charge of the house, of the children, without working and taking care all the time of him, turn around before it is too late.

We live in a society where women have every right to develop as well as men and, if he is not going to support you in your plans, he is not for you.