Bad Habits That End With The Couple’s Relationship

Bad habits have the peculiarity of being latent since before a commitment, only that often the love blinds them and you believe that these are not important and that is the first mistake.

If you love your partner you should be aware that there are certain habits that significantly damage the relationship and these should be changed.

If your boyfriend checks your cell phone, it does not bother you because you think it is part of the trust that exists, and unconsciously you are showing him that you are faithful to him and that he should feel confident with you.

But this habit of taking the cell to verify with whom you speak or tex is telling you that he does not trust you and that he doubts of you.

The signs that are in bad habits are obvious but these sometimes go unnoticed, you have not noticed if your partner listens to your calls very close to you, he notices what you write, to whom you write and so the fugues of love begin, until one day one of the two explodes, for not putting a stop on time.

Bad Habits That End With The Couple’s Relationship

1. Accumulation of silences.

Do not shut up, even if one of his bad habits seems ridiculous, express it and these range from chewing gum to how he absorbs the soup you serve.

Without exaggerating each one should take the best way to resolve those details that do not go well with the relationship.

If you keep silent, these will become a snowball that will crush you without a doubt over time, there are couples who come to be separated by the accumulation of silences.

2. Spying your belongings.

If your partner spends his time searching desperately for your social networks passwords, smells you to see if you are wearing a perfume that is not known, counts the time of arrival when you agree to meet somewhere.

These are bad habits that if you are thinking that you will solve when you get married or over time, you are wrong.

That is resolved at the moment or with continuous calls of attention.

It is not that you get angry and shout if not directly and subtly explain that this is negative to grow as a couple.

3. She compares you to his ex-partners.

“He was very reserved and you do not shut up anything”, this simple comment is a time bomb, she says she has not forgotten her ex and that she would be better with him than with you.

The importance of stopping these comments will avoid tears in the future. It is by no means healthy to talk about loves of the past, it is better to concentrate on the two of you.

4. Does not like a member of your family.

This bad habit is one of the most complicated since it is almost always about the mother-in-law of whom it is spoken.

If your partner does not like your mother, it is better that you have an intense talk where you delimit some rules to avoid falling into destructive criticism.

There are couples who, when they argue, bring out family things and that shouldn’t be done.

The relatives must be respected, in the end, a couple’s problem is two and no one else.

5. Stingy.

If your partner from the beginning, waits for you to always pay a bill, shows you that your partner has no intention of changing in terms of money.

It is important that if you think you have a future with this person, keep in mind that this bad habit of not sharing expenses, can lead to failure in your relationship.

6. Letting them smoke in front of you.

This is annoying for many people, couples when they love too much, overlook this type of detail, if your partner smokes, do not miss the opportunity to talk seriously with your partner and explain that it bothers you when he or she does it, besides that it is because of your health.