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Most Common Lies In A Relationship

Either not to hurt the feelings of the other person or to keep the harmony, we say things that are not true. Communication is the basis of the relationship. It is said that lying a bit to the couple is not harmful to the relationship, in fact, a study endorsed that not telling the truth […]

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Habits to have a happy relationship

Who does not want a happy relationship? Well, each relationship is different but we must understand that there are points in common among all people. There are habits that deteriorate a relationship and others that encourage love. Therefore, when we are a couple we want happy moments and spend more time with that special person.

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Recommendations to make decisions as a couple

The first decision taken by two people who are going to form a relationship is to be a couple, that is, to make the decision to start living the experience of not only thinking about themselves, but also about the other, not making decisions without first think about how it can affect your partner, to […]

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