Couple Relationships Types

In terms of types of relationships, here we explain the most common to consider.

Knowing that the fundamental thing is that both parties respect each other, give each other freedom and love each other.






Couple Relationships Types

1. Of love.

It is related to the feeling of intimacy.

This type of relationship is between friends, family … etc.

It needs more components to be considered a couple relationship.

2. Enthusiasm.

It is related to passion.

As the word indicates, it can be a strong but fragile feeling.

Intoxicates at first but is exposed to disappear at any time if other kinds of things do not arise.

3. Love of companions.

It is the feeling of intimacy added to the decision of commitment. Passion does not exist, but it can develop.

If not, the relationship is that which could occur between two good friends, so a third person who provokes passion in one of the members could end this type of relationship.

4. Romantic love.

It is intimacy plus passion.

Two important elements are present, but if there is no decision to continue with the relationship, there is no commitment for the future, the chances of the relationship continuing are uncertain.

5. Passionate love.

It is the passion added to the decision and commitment.

Passion is subject to variations, so in the moments when it disappears, intimacy is needed to satisfy the most important personal needs.

If it is not available in these moments, it is very difficult that there is something that binds us in a personal way to our partner.

This type of love is often confused with consummate love.

6. Accomplished love.

It is about the sum of the three elements: intimacy plus passion plus decision and commitment.

All people want this kind of relationship, but passion is often confused with love and a lack of intimacy.

This kind of relationship can end when the passion disappears and can not regenerate again due to this lack of intimacy.

It is important to analyze if this intimacy really exists to know if love is consummated.