Golden rules to communicate effectively with your partner

According to the Mexican Association for Sexual Health (Amssac) the bond to affective is the human capacity to establish ties with other human beings; and that emotions are built and maintained: love represents a particularly “desirable” class of affective bond.

Therefore in and with information from The Huffington Post we present 7 “golden” rules to improve communication and affective bond with your partner.

Golden rules to communicate effectively with your partner

1. Listen before speaking.

Part of respect for your partner is to listen to them, avoid interrupting the message they want to share with you.

2. Observe your body language.

It is recommended to remain with a relaxed and calm attitude that reflects “naturalness”.

3. Record your thoughts before speaking.

If you waited a while to be able to express your concerns and feelings, it is better to write it down; thus you prevent future confusions or reproaches.

4. Know the person.

It’s easier by being your partner; seek to convey a message that guides and helps the needs experienced by that special person.

5. Offer solutions.

Discussing a problem is “useless” since it does not generate any solution, avoid arguing and offer a satisfactory option for both members.

6. Demonstrate security.

Lose the fear of expressing the things that bother you or what you feel.

7. Affectionate words.

An “I love you” can help solve and even prevent any discussion or problem of a couple.

Love your body!

According to research at the University of Taillin having a good image of your body helps achieve a similar satisfaction to the feelings you have with your partner.

Sabina Vatter, the author of the research, explains that women who criticize their bodies are less happy in their relationship since they are more interested in the scale and their weight influenced by unhealthy “thin models”. Love yourself and share the love!