How to avoid fights with your partner through social networks

With the arrival of social networks not only meant an entrance to a new world, where people who do not know each other become friends and where you find someone who you did not know about for a long time.

As well as find information instantly and easily.

However for others began a martyrdom, as mistrust took over those couples, unable to avoid it.

How to avoid fights with your partner through social networks

1. Be tolerant.

Do not get mad if you see some note of a friend in your partner’s social network wall, remember that before you arrived, that person already had a life full of friendships and relationships.

2. Do not share passwords.

Never but never you should share the passwords of your accounts in general with your couple, since it is not about hiding anything but that your life must have a private space.

3. Do not lie and less hide anything.


Tell your current partner that you still keep your ex on Facebook or Twitter and give him the confidence so he can understand you.

4. Control labels and publications.

Avoid tags or unwanted publications in your Facebook profile controlling who can see your stuff or activating the option to check the publications in which they tag you before they appear on your wall.

On Twitter controlling who can tag you in photos.

5. Trust.

This occurs if trust exists on both sides because if there is, there will be no problems.

Therefore handle the issue calmly and give importance only to what merits it.