How to improve a long distance relationship

If you believe in the love you share with your partner, distance is a mere obstacle. This is where the work begins.

These seven ideas of long-distance relationships can be used to show your love for her and keep love strong.

How to improve a long distance relationship

1. Surprise visit.

Okay, this could be a bad idea, as I remember in every movie for the 90’s girl.

Make sure it’s not a week’s relationship, where you appear and see something you should not. Remember the movie “Bring it on”.

That said, who does not like a surprise? Especially when it is the boyfriend or girlfriend who appears in front of the door.

But instead of the idea of appearing in front of her door, try to reach a cinema where they are or in the restaurant that most frequent. Get creative with your place of surprise.

2. Love letters.

Some people consider this a terrible idea, but that only means that they are not intoned with themselves.

It is easy to send a text or an email, but that does not have the personal trait that a love letter provides. There is nothing more romantic than seeing your lover’s letter in your mailbox.

Sure, you can still send texts for short and sensitive messages. However, with a love letter, you have something to maintain and review when you are older.

This idea of a distance relationship is not just for those who want to use Shakespeare quotes, your letters can be full of jokes, pictures, and everyday things. It does not have to be serious.

3. Naughty photos.

This is my favorite. You do not have to send complete nudity, send a photo of your neck, legs, lips – whatever your partner’s favorite part is.

I’m not totally opposed to the idea of sending nudes, but I’m just saying, you do not have to do that to get a reaction from your partner. Believe me, she will love what you send her.

If you trust your partner, then freely send nudes. I have not arrived at that yet, because I am a bit paranoid on the internet.

If you are also paranoid but want to send a photo, make an agreement with her to delete the photos after you send them.

Or, download an application from the phone which automatically deletes the photo after they open it – thank heaven for the technology.

Before sending them a picture of you, write a coquettish message, “are you alone”?

This puts them on the wave, and believe me, they’ll make sure they’re alone in seconds.

4. Romantic dinner.

Just because you are not in the same place, does not mean you can not have a dinner together. We are in the age of technology.

Put dinner on the stove, cook it and open Skype.

You do not have to make this a daily event, but creating a date night gives you an excellent way to reconnect and share quality time with your partner.

Just make sure you have a strong internet connection. Since people usually go into fury when their Skype freezes during their date nights.

It is NOT a great way to spend the night – looking at a semi-frozen screen.

Dating nights are an excellent opportunity to get dressed and share intimate moments with your partner with a bottle of wine.

5. A package of care.

A care package does not refer to sending diapers for adults.

It is more modern than that. I know the shipping costs can be high, so if you have the opportunity to spend an extra couple of dollars on your partner, give her/him a care package.

It’s a great way to show them what you think of them.

Your care package can be full of fun and random things but also useful things.

Do not go running to the store and buy pure plastic things that only serve in a piƱata. If you remember complaints about cold hands, send them a pair of gloves.

Things like these show that you care and that you listen * insert melodramatic music here

6. Create a blog together.

Those who make a blog together, stay together, they say out there.

If both have a taste for writing, why not creating a blog about your long-distance relationship.

This shows you a different side of your partner and what she feels.

Not only that, why not connect with other people who go through the same thing?

In this way, you can not only unite with your partner but also perhaps help others who experience the same pain of distance as you do.

Maybe you could get an offer for a movie … I know, I know, I’m getting ahead of myself. But … Hollywood.

7. Do not overdo it with communication.


I know that communication is absolutely essential for long-distance relationships, but there is something called excessive communication.

Okay, I made that up, but it happens.