How To Know If My Partner Does Not Love Me Anymore

Sometimes, the signs are more than obvious and it is possible that he does not love you anymore.

Ending a relationship speeds up your soul just as strong as when you give yourself when you start.

Particularly, women are given to predict.

Yes, it is not that they do not realize, it is not easy to accept that what you built a long time ago, today is like water between your fingers.

But how can I know if my partner does not love me anymore?

The reality is that you do not lie down loving and the next day you do not want anything anymore.

Love goes away little by little, it is lost and the absent kisses are only a sign.

Have you felt a void still sleeping with him in the same bed?

Yes, they are two bodies, but their souls separated and they have not even noticed it.

One can appear smiling in a photo by his side or counting happiness in a coffee afternoon. But once you cross the door the masks fall; You feel the coldness of his presence, when was the last time you laughed until dawn?

What about those nights full of sighs?, A way out to the movies? They became two strangers who no longer love each other.

These are the signs that he does not love you anymore and it is you who does not want to let him go:

How To Know If My Partner Does Not Love Me Anymore

1. He is not committed.

Yes, that man who long ago stopped sharing life with you, who prefers to arrive home late, cancels his meetings with you, hang up the phone because he is tired, the one that changed an “I love you”, for an “I want you”.

It is the same one who promised one day that he would love you all his life but lost interest.

2. There is no communication.

This point goes beyond that your nocturnal encounters are no longer as before.

What about trust?

Did you tell him how you have felt the last months? Has he told you what has him so worried?

No, trust and communication broke. Without realizing it, you were out of his life.

3. There is not intimacy.

The kisses, the caresses and the desire that you had for each other, were left behind.

And it even seems that he feels uncomfortable every time you try to get close.

The hugs barely last a few seconds, it is not long before he gives you a pat on the back when doing it.

Do not wear yourself out anymore, they are key points that scream at you that he stopped being part of your story.

4. What if I love him?

There is nothing you can do with what you feel and it hurts, it hurts because you imagined caressing his hair in the mornings for many more years.

Because you will miss wrapping yourself in his arms at dawn and because you are not ready to accept that he is no longer part of your life.

If you love him, let him go, yes, even if it sounds cliché.

No, you will not understand it and the tears will remind you, as well as the songs and places you went to.

Then, cry and scream as much as you can. But, do not stay there, because you will cry the rest of your days.