Keys to being a good couple in difficult times

There are phases in which every relationship is tested, for example, a disease, unemployment, a financial slump among other cases.

How to do you stay united in these situations?

The psychologists at The Gottman Institute, specialists in conducting research on the behavior of couple, offered these four tips that help maintain stability between couples.

Keys to being a good couple in difficult times

1. Schedule a time to share as a couple.

In times of change, schedules and routines are altered or interrupted.

It is necessary that couples can establish an evening or night so that they can go out to distract themselves from home, and thus be free, at least, a couple of hours.

2. Cover the other’s responsibilities.

If a member of the couple is in changes, for example, a new job or a promotion, they may feel stressed and in this situation, they will not be 100%.

Therefore, it may be that the time they had for the tasks under their responsibility is affected and this causes a distancing in the couple.

In this situation, the couple must agree to exchange roles.

3. Maintain customs or create new ones.

Affection is fundamental at crucial moments to keep the couple connected and, above all, united.

Kissing and hugging should not be lost in the face of stress, tiredness or lack of time.

4. Be able to ask for forgiveness.

When a couple is facing any change, it is normal to feel more sensitive and irritable and this lends itself to having more frequent crashes.

For this reason, it is important that they become aware that they are going through a bad time.

And couples who love each other need to learn to apologize more often.