Keys To Stop Being Dependent On Your Partner

Learning to love yourself, value yourself and be free are some of the keys to stop being dependent on your partner and have a happy relationship.

A feeling as big as love is often confused with many things, the attachment is usually one of them, so you must know the keys to stop being dependent on your partner and achieve a healthy relationship.

You do not have to stop having a voice or vote in the relationship, much less sacrifice what you are to be next to the person you love.

To achieve intelligent love you must know the keys to stop being dependent on your partner.

Keys To Stop Being Dependent On Your Partner

1. Express what you feel.

Many times we do not say what we truly feel because of the fear of upsetting or displeasing the couple.

Therefore the healthiest thing is to express everything you think, completely eliminate that fear that prevents you from being who you really are in front of whom you consider your soul mate.

Think that if that person loves you, he will respect everything you think.

The fact that you present your opinions will not endanger the relationship, but on the contrary, there is nothing more attractive than an independent person, with an authentic personality and without needing too much of others.

2. Think of yourself.

One of the characteristics of dependent people is that they never think about their personal well-being, but that of others who are afraid of being abandoned.
Therefore it will be essential that you work on yourself.

You can start by making a list of all those things that you stopped doing to please your partner.

Has your partner ever asked that you stop seeing your friends or that you change your style of dressing?

3. Work on your self-esteem.

You must remember that if you can not love yourself, you can not do it with anyone else.

It is time to start making decisions without the need to have the approval of everyone around you, especially the couple.

Seek to motivate yourself by initiating new projects, approach positive people and stop being afraid or blaming yourself for failing.

You are a very valuable person who has everything to fulfill all your dreams, goals and objectives.

What you should do is focus your energies on improving as a person.

4. Socialize.

Try to relate to other people, this will make you have your mind busy, you can even talk with friends or trusted friends about everything you feel.

Listening to the opinion of people who have an affection will make you stronger and allow you to see things from another perspective.

Having an active social life will allow you to have a healthier relationship and not depend much on your partner.

5. Do not have false expectations.

Expecting to receive something from someone else will mean that in case it does not happen you feel frustrated.

This is what causes a feeling of idealization to be born towards the couple, having unrealistic expectations.

Try to put your feet on the ground and not expect anything from anyone.

Remember that when you give something from the heart it is without conditions or to expect that it is remunerated.

6. Freedom.

We are free and independent people, for that reason you must be aware that your partner and you need the freedom to do the things you like.

Erroneously it is thought that when we are in a relationship we must do everything with the other person, however this only causes that in the long run coexistence becomes routine and boring.

You can be happy without someone’s company, you do not need anyone to complement you, you are a whole person.