Keys to get out of a toxic relationship

The main indications have to do with criticism, contempt and negative energy.

An expert explained how to get away from those couples that generate discomfort.

Therefore, in a situation of these characteristics should be decided whether or not you want to continue forward or if you prefer to terminate that toxic relationship.

Of course, in cases of repeated damage and suffering, the expert Bernstein advised to take that last step and to carry it out he provided his three keys.

Keys to get out of a toxic relationship


1. Elaborate a mantra.


The expert commented that a patient of his had suffered a relationship with a very manipulative and emotionally abusive man.

Every time she tried to get away, he was repentant and seduced her again, so that the circle began again.

One of the tools that helped her break free of that relationship was to develop her own mantra:

“He may be good for someone else, but he is destroying me.”

While repeating this sentence, to reinforce his idea, he tried to visualize a crane that was swinging a wrecking ball.

Everyone must find theirs.

2. Avoid all types of contact.


As it happened to that patient, but of course to so many other people, many of the toxic couples have their tender sides that are exhibited in a distancing process to recover the other.

When going through a duel it is logical that the person feels vulnerable and that is when the idea of returning to a toxic relationship can appear.

Therefore, it is essential to stay away to recover self-confidence and not fall into the trap.

3. Recognize your own value.


In relation to the previous aspect, working on self-esteem is the third recommendation offered by the specialist.

It is about developing positive feelings about what each one is and what is capable of giving both personally and professionally.

On that basis, it will be much more difficult to want to bet again for a toxic relationship.