Points that will tell you if you are passive in your relationship

It is likely that your relationship is unbalanced and you do not know, sometimes we allow many things to stay with our partner.

For many, an ideal relationship is one where problems do not exist and many times to avoid them we become passive people, who do everything as long as things are rosy all the time.

It is not unusual for one of the two in a relationship to be passive, which can lead to an unbalanced relationship that ends badly. If you have a tendency to be more passive, you should make sure that your relationship is stable and that it is not turning into a pressure cooker with the passage of time.

A naturally passive person should not have to change what it is, but it is important to pay attention to small changes.

Here are 5 points that will let you know if you are passive in your relationship and if this could lead to a thunder:

Points that will tell you if you are passive in your relationship

1. Your relationship is stagnant.

If you are a passive person, there is a possibility that your relationship may be affected. If neither of you actively participate in your relationship, they will probably work.

That is, there always needs to be a balance where both can flow freely.

2. Your partner is faster than you and you do not feel comfortable.

When a couple begins to make plans that to some degree seem hasty, the relationship is put at risk.

If you feel uncomfortable with your partner, maybe it’s time to talk.

3. Always give in to what your partner wants.

If choosing a movie, a restaurant or any situation always ends in what the other wants, then you are losing yourself to be able to please your partner.

4. You do not feel yourself.

If you believe that your essence is no longer the same, and you only think that you adapted to the personality of the other person, it is a sign that your passivity goes too far.

5. You have given up things that matter to you.

If you have a demanding partner and you are used to giving in, it is likely that giving up things that really matter to you is not so complicated, so you miss many things that you can later regret and reproach.

Being passive is not a problem, but if you pass over, you will lose part of yourself and suffer with everything around you.

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