Recommendations to make decisions as a couple

The first decision taken by two people who are going to form a relationship is to be a couple, that is, to make the decision to start living the experience of not only thinking about themselves, but also about the other, not making decisions without first think about how it can affect your partner, to know that life as a couple implies changes, tests to overcome, new activities, customs, and routines.

In this process the couple must learn to make both decisions, those directly related to the relationship, and those that are not directly related to the relationship, the TWO together.


Because in all couple relationships there must be clear rules and agreements in common.

Because in the relationship there will be conflicts and situations where both should know how to communicate, reach agreements, have the ability to negotiate and express themselves assertively.

Because the issue of decisions implies that each person’s own interests will be presented, where both must learn to manage them, taking into account what is most beneficial for both of them.

Making a couple’s decision is something that must be done from the freedom of actions, evaluating and analyzing all possible circumstances and scenarios and AVOIDING by all means to make decisions lightly and under pressure.

How can the couple make decisions together?

Recommendations to make decisions as a couple

1. Having clarity of thought:


It is necessary to know and have the necessary information in relation to the subject on which you will make the decision.

2. Be prepared:


To take not only a decision but a good decision, you need to be prepared, from thinking about how it would affect your lives, to investigate, ask for guidance, read books.

3. Take your time:

There is no rule on a specific time to make decisions, take as long as you need.

4. Bear in mind that you are different people and with different ideas:

It is important that they recognize it and that you remember that both will balance these ideas, and then through communication, reach agreements in common.

5. Avoid creating expectations:

The fact that in some situations making decisions is easy for you, does not mean that it will always happen, avoid creating high expectations of this process in order to avoid disappointment.

Because not always making decisions will be easy.

6. Never assume:

What your partner wants or thinks, and from there even make a decision without commenting to your partner before, understanding that you knew he or she agreed with you.

7. Respect the point of view of your partner:

Criticizing and judging the opinions of your partner can be an obstacle to decision making.

8. Degree of commitment:

The success of the decision will depend on the degree of commitment of each member, for example: if both made a decision that requires certain specific actions and one of the members does not comply with those actions, so this decision will be affected by This lack of commitment.