Steps for your partner to become addicted to you

Love has to feed every day, many times we believe that since that person agrees to be our partner the work is already done, however, this is the beginning.

We must fight so that the union continues as the first day and the feeling that existed from the first meeting remains intact.

We all want that person we love never stop responding and that you become indispensable in their life, you may think that this is difficult, but believe it is simpler than you think.

You have to start by doing the following, simple actions that you can carry out day by day:

Steps for your partner to become addicted to you


Surely your life is governed by a series of activities that have a schedule, get up, go to work, go out, get home, clean, then sleep, etc. But surely between some of these actions you have a little time, take advantage of it so that your partner becomes your best teacher.

In the case of women, let some mechanical help, put the oil in the car, maybe to practice some sport, soccer, box, there are a number of things that the male can teach you and that surely will surprise you.

For the boys, girls have multiple qualities that go beyond cleaning and grooming, as we have erroneously been told throughout our lives.

Men can learn from women enough things that go from the culinary art to the sewing, embroidery, art, etc. Do not waste any of this and learn something from the woman you love.


During the beginning of the relationship, this is the easiest thing in the world, since it costs you nothing, you are completely dazzled by your partner, however with the passage of time you realize that this person is a simple mortal and just like you. It has both qualities and defects and that’s when many couples start having problems.

We tend to forget the good things and all those qualities that made us fall in love with that person, or sometimes even if we have them clear, we do not express them because we believe that person already knows this, a grave mistake.

It is time for you to tell your partner how special it is for you, to admire all the things it does and to make it see it does some specific activity better than anyone else in the world. Express your admiration towards it and let it see that you appreciate all its qualities.


The activity in bed is important in all relationships as it helps the emotional bonds to be strengthened and the connection becomes bigger, you should show availability to have intimate relationships at any time.

In many unions, the monotony comes to end with all desire, do not allow this to happen in yours, on the contrary, perform a new activity every time you have an opportunity.

There are many things you can do, there are a lot of adult toys, perfumes, oils, lingerie that can help you.

Surprise your partner in intimacy.


We all like to be fed by the ego, that’s why you should not stop doing it. Use the power of words to keep that person falling in love with you every day.

Do not miss the opportunity to write everything you feel, how much you admire them, praise their intelligence, mental quickness, their physical appearance, dedication and above all appreciate their love.

This does not mean that you will send a message to them all the time, but do not lose the habit of giving them a beautiful text where you show them your affection.

Making love never get sick is a task that gives many rewards. They will continue in love, they will work more to maintain that beautiful bond and above all, they will be very happy.

Do not stop feeding love.