Toxic Behaviors That Ruin Love

Sometimes we look at our partner as a material good instead of someone with whom to share emotional and sentimental support.

There is not a class in high school or college that teaches you how not to be a lousy girlfriend or boyfriend.

Of course, they teach us the biology of sex and about the legality of marriage. But when it comes to the dirty part of relationships nobody says anything or worse they give us advice in the columns of women’s magazines.

The problem is that many of the habits of a toxic relationship are present in our culture. Therefore we must change our customs to be able to achieve successful relationships.

Here are some of the most common trends that many couples think are normal, but in reality, they are toxic and destructive.

Toxic Behaviors That Ruin Love

1. Jealousy.

Jealousy is normal in a relationship but can become toxic and even more so in marriage.

The feelings and emotions of jealousy can completely change a person.

2. Selfishness.

Marriages and relationships consist of giving to receive, sometimes we just have to accept that being committed to a person and loving them involves making commitments.

Anything that is not total acceptance, is completely toxic.

3. Controller behavior.

“No, you can not go out with your friends tonight, I had something special planned.”

This is a typical phrase of a manipulative and controlling couple that wants to take you away from your loved ones and your family.

4. Missing respect.

Being disrespectful in a relationship does not mean simply having a bad attitude, it also includes being indifferent to the opinions and perspectives of your partner.

Being disrespectful is a strong signal that your marriage is breaking up and you are starting to distance yourself.

5. Lack of communication.

Over time, lack of communication can cause even the strongest marriages to dismantle.

Communication is a pillar of relationships and when it is lost it is difficult to recover it, therefore you must remember to be open and honest about your feelings.

6. Lack of emotional intimacy.

Feeling like you have to save your emotions and not be able to express yourself is one of the most common causes of why couples become distant.

Even if you have years together, you still have to talk about your feelings and emotions.

7. Lack of confidence.

Not being able to trust your partner is what ruins many relationships. Trust is the heart of a couple, once it is lost the very same apocalypse is unleashed.

If you find yourself checking your partner’s cell phone constantly or playing Sherlock Holmes, your relationship is in trouble.